Spring 2016

Seminars are held on Mondays from 2:30 - 3:30PM in Cullimore Hall, Room 611, unless noted otherwise. For questions about the seminar schedule, please contact David Shirokoff.


Date Speaker and Title Host
February 15 David Seal, U.S. Navy
Finite Difference Methods for Magnetohydrodynamics Equations
David Shirokoff
February 29 Abe Clark, Yale University
A Phase Diagram for Fluid-Driven Sediment Transport
Lou Kondic
March 21 Nan Chen, Courant Institute of Mathematical Science
Predicting the Cloud Patterns of the Madden-Julian Oscillation through a Low-Order Nonlinear Stochastic Model
Richard Moore
April 18 Abhinendra Singh, City College of New York
Effect of Cohesion on the Flow Behavior: From Dry Granular Matter to Suspensions
Lou Kondic
May 2 Aditya Khair, Carnegie Mellon University
Transient Electrohydrodynamics of Low-Conductivity Drops
Yuan-Nan Young