Fall 2016

Colloquia are held on Fridays at 11:30 a.m. in Cullimore Lecture Hall II, unless noted otherwise. Refreshments are served at 11:30 am. For questions about the seminar schedule, please contact Yassine Boubendir.

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Date Speaker and Title Host
September 9 Rolf Ryham, Fordham University
Explicit Stokes Flows for a Moving Internal Boundary with Applications to Pore Dynamics in Liposomes
Yuan-Nan Young
September 16 Stephen Wiggins, University of Bristol
Roaming: Dynamical Reaction Pathways in Phase Space
Denis Blackmore
September 23 Shawn Walker, Louisiana State University
A Structure Preserving Discretization For The Ericksen Model With Colloidal Effects and External Fields
David Shirokoff
September 30 Ehud Yariv, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Electrohydrodynamic Flows Under Strong Electric Fields
Michael Siegel
October 7 Chi-Wang Shu, Brown University
Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Convection Dominated Partial Differential Equations
Yassine Boubendir
October 14 Georg Stadler, New York University
Computational Methods for Bayesian Inverse Problems Governed
Brittany Froese
October 21 Eva A. Kanso, USC
Active and Driven Crystals in Confined Microfluidic Channels
Yuan-nan Young
October 28 Mike Siegel, NJIT
A Local Target-Specific QBX Method for Laplace's Equation in 3D Multiply-Connected Domains
November 4 Tim Sauer, George Mason University
Density Estimation and Topology from Data
Casey Diekman
November 11 Vianey Villamizar, Brigham Young University
Exact Local Absorbing Boundary Conditions in Terms of Farfield Expansions
Michael Booty
November 18 Horacio Rotstein, NJIT
Inhibition-Based Resonance in a Hippocampal CA1 Network: A Modeling Study
December 2 Shuwang Li, IIT
An Efficient Rescaling Scheme for Computing Moving Interface Problems
Michael Siegel