Fall 2015

Seminars are held on Thursdays in Cullimore Hall at 4:00PM. Please note the location for each event in the schedule below. For questions about the seminar schedule, please contact Antai Wang.


Date Location Speaker and Title Host
October 15 CULM 111 Wei Yann Tsai, Columbia University
The Probability of Being in Response Function and its Applications
Antai Wang
October 22 CULM 111 Sunil Dhar, NJIT
Studying the Optimal Scheduling for Controlling Prostate Cancer under Intermittent Androgen Suppression
November 5 CULM 611 Mingyao Li, University of Pennsylvania
Modeling Transcriptomic Variations in RNA Sequencing
Antai Wang
November 12 CULM 111 Bodhisattva Sen, Columbia University
Adaptation in Shape Constrained Regression
Ji Meng Loh
November 19 CULM 111 Kelly Zou, Pfizer, Inc.
ROC Analysis, Classification Methods, and Comparative Effectiveness Research
Antai Wang
December 3 CULM 611 Feng Yang, Columbia University
Model Selection in High-Dimensional Misspecified Models
Antai Wang
December 10 CULM 611 Cun-Hui Zhang, Rutgers University
Tensor Completion via Nuclear Norm Minimization
Antai Wang