MATH 713 Course Syllabus

NJIT HONOR CODE:  All Students should be aware that the Department of Mathematical Sciences takes the NJIT Honor Code very seriously and enforces it strictly.  This means that there must not be any forms of plagiarism, i.e., copying of homework, class projects, or lab assignments, or any form of cheating in quizzes and exams.  Under the Honor Code, students are obligated to report any such activities to the Instructor.


Math 713:  Advanced Scientific Computing: Multi-Dimensional Finite-Difference Schemes and Spectral Methods


Instructor:   (for specific course-related information, follow the link below)


Math 713-002

Prof. Jiang


Prerequisites:  Math 712 and proficiency in a computer programming language (FORTRAN, C, or C++).


Number of Credits:  3


Course Description:  Derivation and analysis of finite difference schemes for systems of partial differential equations in two and three spatial dimensions and time. Issues pertaining to efficient implementation of algorithms and to stability of physical and numerical boundary conditions. Pseudo-spectral and spectral methods to solve partial differential equations. Approximation properties of Fourier and Chebyshev series and techniques based on the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and on matrix multiplication to numerically compute partial derivatives. Time-discretization techniques suitable for use with pseudo-spectral and spectral methods. Model systems arising in wave propagation, fluid dynamics, and mathematical biology will be considered.

Departmental Policies:


Attendance:  Students must attend all classes and recitations. Absences from class will inhibit your ability to fully participate in class discussions and problem solving sessions and, therefore, affect your grade. Tardiness to class is very disruptive to the instructor and students and will not be tolerated.


Makeup Exam Policy:  There will be no makeup exams, except in rare situations where the student has a legitimate reason for missing an exam, including illness, death in the family, accident, requirement to appear in court, etc. The student MUST notify the Math Office and the Instructor that he/she will miss an exam. In all cases, the student MUST present proof for missing the exam, e.g., a doctor's note, police report, court notice, etc., clearly stating the date AND times.


Cellular phones:  All cellular phones and beepers must be switched off during all class times.