On June 1-2, 2009, the Sixth Annual Conference on Frontiers in Applied and Computational Mathematics (FACM '09) will be held at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in Newark, New Jersey. This conference is the sixth in a series of annual conferences that have been organized by the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics at NJIT and is supported by a University Strategic Initiative. This year's conference will focus on Mathematical Biology with sessions in  neuroscience, ecology, biophysics, and biostatistics.  For a list of Plenary and Invited Speakers, click here.  Full program will be available online shortly.

Several of our conferences were major applied and computational mathematics conferences (May 2004, May 2005, and May 2008) and focused on Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Applied Statistics and Biostatistics, Electromagnetics/Waves, and Acoustics. Our third conference (May 2006) focused on Mathematical Fluid Dynamics.  The FACM '07 conference featured an undergraduate student day.  FACM '08 celebrated the 75th birthday of Daljit S. Ahluwalia.


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