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Vitae Publication list

Pan-American Study Institute on Frontiers in Particulate Media:
From Theory to Applications
(NSF/DOE sponsored)
La Plata, Argentina, August 11 - 22, 2014

Pan-American Study Institute on Interfacial Fluid Dynamics:
From Theory to Applications
(NSF/DOE sponsored)
Mar del Plata, Argentina, 6-17 August 2007

Spring 2016:
Math 451H
Math 791
Office Hours: M 12 - 2pm, W 1 - 3pm

Thin films: supported by NSF
Granular materials: supported by NSF, NASA, DTRA

Pattern formation in Hele-Shaw cells

Sonoluminescence: From Sound to Light

PhD Project in Soft Matter: Simulations, Modeling, Networks, Topology

PhD Project in Fluid Mechanics: Thin films on nanoscale

Teaching and Research:

Topology and percolation of particulate systems (Math 451H, Spring 2012); supported by NSF
Instabilities of Liquid Crystals (Math 4551H, Spring 2011); supported by NSF
Topology and Granular Materials (Math 451H, Spring 2009); supported by NSF
Small scale experiments with thin films and drops (Math 451H, Spring 2007); supported by NSF
Thin film flow (Math 451H, Spring 2003)
Saffman-Taylor Instability in Hele-Shaw flow (Math 451H, Spring 2002)
Flow past obstacles (Math 451H, Spring 2002)

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