NJIT Applied Mathematics Colloquium

Friday, October 7, 2011, 11:30am

Cullimore Lecture Hall II
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Ferrofluids: a new look at a dirty old liquid

Philip Yecko

Montclair State University & NJIT

Liquids that are easily manipulated by a magnetic field are examples of smart materials
that are especially attractive in applications where electrical, mechanical or other control
methods are impractical.  Suspensions of micrometer sized magnetic particles --Magneto-
rheological fluids-- have found extensive use in automotive and mechanical applications,
while suspensions of nanometer sized particles --Ferrofluids-- have been used widely in
the electronics and, more recently, the biomedical industry, due to their more attractive
characteristics.  In this talk I review the current state of Ferrofluid science from the point
of view of their mathematical description, numerical modeling and rheological properties,
paying particular attention to recent high energy x-ray observations showing unexpected
viscoelastic behavior and attempts to model this behavior.